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During this lesson students use Legos to model elements, compounds, and mixtures in order to better understand the differences between them. They learn what coefficients and subscripts represent as the write expressions for each challenge. Download the teacher information page for more details. Download thePPT for a the teacher version of the Unit 1 materials. This file is a modified version of the “notes” I use for the presentation of lessons and activities. I added teacher notes in the margin areas along with screenshots of the digital notebook for students.

Students complete fact cards on the first 18 elements. Students also color code the fact cards before cutting them apart and arranging according to atomic number. After students have created a “mini” periodic table on a large sheet of construction paper, they use the information they have collected to answer questions related to periods, families, and properties. Download the PPT for a fun lesson to explore chemistry concepts involved in making hot chocolate. A link to the digital notebook you can assign to your students. Get the hot ladies to fall in love with you!

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Synthesize every molecule in the quest mode. Discover countless macromolecules and the elegancy of chemistry. Baccalaureate to the FutureSolve this crossword puzzle that was specially designed as an end-of-year gift for International Baccalaureate students. Collaborate with scientists in your field of chemistry and stay current in your area of specialization. In this game, the concept of Valence is clearly demonstrated using interlocking shapes to represent Cations and Anions.

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How Super Balls WorkCome into Norman Stingley’s lab and find out how he came up with this super toy when he wasn’t busy with his day job. Learn your fortune, then the science behind the fish. Terrific Science—The Joy of ToysThat stuff sitting on the toy shelf can be packed with science. Learn about financial support for future and current high school chemistry teachers.

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