Ukrainian customs for weddings

Ukraine is full of various customs, many of which are unique to bride ceremonies ukrainische frau kennenlernen. Many of them are very distinctive.

We’ll discuss some of the funniest and most fascinating Ukrainian ceremony customs in this article, which may be unfamiliar to some.

At her parents’ home, the groom’s family greets the bride and her family before the ceremony even starts. Blahoslovennya is the name of this gathering. The newlyweds receive presents from the people and their riches from them. It’s a fascinating convention because it allows both parties to get to know one another and share their aspirations for their future collectively.

A rushnyk is one of the most significant presents. This embroidered fabric contains characters and cryptograms that have been passed down through the generations. Each region has its own unique Rushnyk, and each has a unique history.

Presents from the couple’s relatives are given out by the best gentleman and the groom svakhy. Often the bride’s mummy is given boots, which she lifts into the surroundings to show off before putting them on and dancing in. Additionally, it’s a well-known custom to bury large pennies in the rushnyks so that, with good fortune on your side, you may become wealthy soon after relationship.

The starosty, who are the bride and groom’s friends or family members, organize korovai, a particular wedding bread, before the ceremony begins. This tradition, which is unique to each area, represents the mom’s gift for the brides. The wedding ring is worn on the bride’s right finger, which indicates that she is the king or queen of her own apartment, unlike in North America.

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